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 Accessible Development & Capacity Building Unlock Human Potential 

Our Goals Is Building up people, Organizations and communities Through leadership Development

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Who We Are

Bryant & Bryant Institute (BBI) A Center For Democratizing Leadership Development is a nonprofit global leadership development provider. By democratizing leadership development, BBI scales leadership development to make it accessible and affordable for organizations, individuals or grassroot community leaders.

Our Sole Purpose Is Leadership Development

At Bryant & Bryant Institute, we know that effective leadership is the fundamental key to develop an effective and sustainable organizations or communities.

If done appropriately, leadership development triggers transformational change within individuals, teams, organizations, and communities. That’s why our only purpose is leadership development and education. 

Our Story

Dr. Cedric and Widza Bryant are the founders of Bryant & Bryant Institute (BBI). Their vision aroused while completing their doctorate degrees in strategic leadership and recognizing the strong correlation between inadequate leadership and underdevelopment.

The two realized that wherever leadership development is prevalent and accessible, people, organizations, communities, and societies thrive; they become effective and successful.

To that end, they also realized that not every individual or organization has the privilege to afford mainstream leadership development intervention, which puts the individual or the organization at the competitive and development disadvantage.

Cedric and Widza believe if formal leadership development opportunities are accessible, more individuals can unlock their fullest potential and create more thriving and sustainable organizations, communities, and societies and improve the socioeconomic status of many people.

Drs. Cedric and Widza believe that leadership development should be accessible to all levels of society, not just those who can afford it. With that in mind, they moved to form Bryant & Bryant Institute.

BBI exists to scale leadership development to make it accessible, available, and affordable to individuals, organizations, and societies underserved by formal leadership development.

Our Partners

Whether you are a leader or aspiring leader working in the government, a for-profit business with a mission, non-profit organizations, or grassroots community leaders, BBI can partner with you to design affordable leadership solutions that fit your developmental needs.

About Our Team 

Our team is comprised of professionals with more than 5 decades of experience. We are committed to acting as your trusted and most dependable partners that will build people’s and organization’s capacity for effectual and sustainable societies.

Meet Our Members

Widza | Cedric | Alicia | Hadson | Alket Bllaci

Our Mission and Vision

Our Vision

Leveraging leadership to optimize organizations’ effectiveness and build up people and communities for self-proficiency.

Our Mission

Our mission is to create thriving organizations and societies by making leadership development accessible and affordable.

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