Accessible Development & Capacity Building Unlock Human Potential 

Human Capital Development = Transformation

A Human Capital Consulting Firm

Bryant And Bryant Institute (BBI) A Center For Democratizing Leadership Development is a human capital development consulting firm in the greater Atlanta areas. By Democratization, BBI scales development, capacity building to make it accessible and affordable to organizations that are typically underserved by high-costs corporate consultancy.

Our purpose is to provide mission-driven organizations with valuable tools, assessment, analysis, training, and innovative insights to advance the science of People Management to improve performance across all sectors. Whether you are an NGO working locally or abroad, big or small charity organizations, a youth servicing organization, a for-profit business with a mission, BBI can partner with you to develop your people to build better and effective organizations and communities.

What Drives Us

We offer a wide array of services and support options that are tailored to fit the unique needs of your organization.

Our Vision

To create a better future for people and communities by leveraging leadership development.

Our Mission

BBI uses its expertise and experiences to provide accessible services to improve the performance of its clients’ workforce through tailored human capital development.

Our Purpose

BBI’s purpose is to democratize human capital development to mission-driven organizations worldwide to facilitate growth and sustainability.  BBI can partner with you to design a tailored solution that fits your organization's human capital development needs.